"I love love love love love love love this blog! I have been playing violin since I was 4 and this just perfectly describes my life as a string player. perfect blog. <3"
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thank you! c:

"just found this and its amazing!! love this and im making all my friends follow it c:"
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Thank you!!! c:

"send this to the all the nicest people on tumblr. if you receive this message then someone is trying to tell you that they are incredible happy you ever joined tumblr. you are not only running a tumblr worthwhile following, but you are also a totally kind and awesome person. without you my tumblr experience wouldn’t have been the same. thank you for being you ♥ have a great day ♥♥ if you want to show someone else your love, send this to the 10 nicest people you follow (◡‿◡✿)♥"
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"Would it be possible for you to ask followers to sign a petition? It's to save Fanfare, an Australian state wide music competition for school students, which was just been cancled. I just made a post about it on my blog, post/27663766579/save-fanfare, and I would really appreciate it if you could give it a signal boost, or copy and paste it and post it on your blog. Thank you so much, or if you don't do this sort of stuff sorry for bothering you!"
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Take a look people.

"are you guys still posting?"
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short hiatus!

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